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    Crafted with high-performance fabrics, they offer unmatched comfort, flexibility, and breathability. Say goodbye to restriction and hello to a seamless workout that keeps you focused and motivated. Whether you're flowing through yoga poses or pushing your limits in cardio sessions, Born is here to support your every move.

    Embrace the fusion of style and performance and experience activewear that feels like a second skin. Step into the world of Born and redefine your workout experience.
    Welcome to Born, the epitome of athletic luxury, designed for those seeking the best out of their activewear. Born is the ultimate brand for yoga enthusiasts and fitness aficionados, offering a seamless range that combines luxurious comfort with exceptional performance. Each garment is meticulously crafted to provide a second-skin feel that moves with your body, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice or elevate your performance during intense workouts.

    With Born, you can experience the perfect balance of athleisure and luxury, embracing the seamless design that enhances your range of motion and flexibility.
    Born's pieces resonate with individuals who appreciate the perfect blend of athletic luxury and performance. Yoga enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality will love the seamless range offered by Born, allowing them to move freely and comfortably during their practice.

    Fitness enthusiasts who value high-quality activewear that seamlessly transitions from the gym to the streets will also appreciate the versatility of the Born brand.

    Whether you're a seasoned yogi or someone who enjoys a variety of cardio workouts, Born caters to individuals who prioritise both fashion-forward designs and performance-enhancing features.
    To keep your Born garments in excellent condition, proper care is crucial. To get the best results, machine wash them in cold water using a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the fabric's elasticity.

    To preserve their shape, it's best to air dry them by line drying or laying flat. Steer clear of tumble drying, as excessive heat can cause the fabric to lose its stretch. Additionally, it's best to wash them separately or with similar colours to prevent any potential colour bleeding.