Fitness Accessories

Want to optimise your workout? Our collection of premium fitness and yoga accessories will help you feel flexible, strong and supported. From percussive massagers to yoga wheels, find the best hand-picked fitness accessories in this edit.

Fitness Accessories


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    Fitness Accessories

    Optimise your fitness journey with our carefully-curated line of fitness and yoga accessories. Whether you’re working out at home, in the studio or at the gym, our edit of gym accessories help you reach your peak.

    From Pilates balls and resistance bands to high-powered muscle massagers, we’ve hand-picked the best workout accessories to join our collection.

    So, whether you want to widen your range of motion with a yoga strap, tease out tension with a foam roller or stimulate blood flow and aid recovery with a powerful percussive massage tool, you can feel confident you have everything you need to boost results.
    If you’re a fan of kundalini, vinyasa or hatha, consider stocking up on Yogi Bare yoga accessories. Eco-conscious and suitable for a pros and beginners alike, this brand’s fun and functional straps and wheels will help you go deeper into your yoga practice.

    You’ll also find the likes of Frame in this edit, which boasts a choice of bright, feel-good fitness accessories can be used in class, at home or in the gym. Other premium names include Theragun, which is renowned for creating forward-thinking percussive massage tools and Manduka, a premium yoga accessories brand which harnesses sustainable materials.
    If you’re looking to up the intensity of your everyday activities, why not buy a pair of Frame ankle weights? Wear them to the shops, during classes or on a hike to increase your fitness.

    Another key workout accessory that you’ll rely on time again is Theragun’s percussive massagers. With a portable mini option available, as well as the iconic Theragun Elite, you can quickly alleviate tightness and cramps during exercise and give yourself a full-body massage to assist with muscle recovery post-workout.