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    Elevate your running experience with HOKA running shoes, the brand that's transforming the way you run. Infused with cutting-edge technology, HOKA redefines running shoes to match your highest expectations. Whether you're aiming to speed down hills with the Bondi or boost your endurance in the Clifton, HOKA's top-notch footwear delivers unmatched cushioning and performance. Driven by next-gen innovation and feedback from real runners, HOKA continually refines its designs using premium materials. These shoes are your secret weapon to dominating on the track or trail. Dive into our curated collection of HOKA women's running shoes and unleash your true potential on the track or hiking trails. Train towards greatness with HOKA!
    Step into the world of HOKA Shoes, a trailblazing brand established in 2009 by the visionary minds of Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud. What began as a quest for downhill speed evolved into a legacy of stability and cushioning that defines HOKA running shoes. This journey marked the inception of an extraordinary lineup that includes HOKA trainers, HOKA Trail running shoes, and Hoka walking boots. Embrace the iconic allure of HOKA Bondi and HOKA Clifton, embodying the fusion of quality and comfort. Discover the world of HOKA women's trainers, meticulously designed to streamline every run. HOKA UK continues to reshape the running sphere, offering you the wings to 'fly over the earth' with every stride.
    If you're looking for HOKA running shoes for women, try these signature race-ready styles on for size:

    Clifton 9
    If you're getting serious about your mileage, the Clifton 9 offers a smooth, stable and fast ride. HOKA Clifton is made to help you reach new horizons with a more responsive midsole than its predecessor, high-abrasion rubber and breathable engineered mesh upper.

    Bondi 8
    The Bondi 8 ideal for road runs. It has a number of plush details; including a padded collar, ultra-soft memory foam, full EVA midsole and Meta-Rocker technology for a smooth ride.

    Mach 5
    Engineered with PROFLY technology, the Mach 5 is lively, light and responsive. With an energetic underfoot feel and multiple foams for a soft landing, these HOKA running trainers make for an unmissable everyday running shoe.

    Arahi 6
    Get maximum cushioning with minimal weight in the Arahi trainers. Breathable, resilient and intuitive, this design alleviates pressure on the Achilles for extreme comfort on the longest runs.

    Built for your run and life beyond, the KAWANA has an all-new modified crash pad for softer transitions, signature HOKA cushioning and a responsive SwallowTail heel. All of this allows you to seamlessly transition from run to workout.

    Additionally, check out our range of HOKA Trail running shoes:

    Challenger ATR 7
    Designed for daily runs with 4mm lugs and a grippy compound for traction on wet and dry surfaces.

    Speedgoat 5
    Choose the Speedgoat 5 when tackling challenging trails. Its upgraded Vibram Megagrip provides unbeatable grip on loose terrain.

    Anacapa 2 Mid GTX
    Choose the Anacapa 2 Mid GTX for durable HOKA walking boots. Designed with metal hooks and rubber toes.

    Anacapa 2 Low GTX
    Perfect for light trails. Engineered with yarn meshes and GORE-TEX technology.
    What's not to love about HOKA? Their running shoes fuse innovation and performance flawlessly. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned runner, HOKA's advanced technology ensures an unmatched experience. From the ever-popular Clifton 9 to HOKA walking boots and HOKA trail running shoes, their versatile range caters to all terrains. Step into HOKA and relish a journey that takes you across the finish line, whether it's a quick 5km sprint or a rugged trail adventure.